Provision of Heterogeneous Stock Rats

The N/NIH heterogeneous stock (HS) breeding core, under the direction of Dr. Leah Solberg Woods at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), will provide HS rats to Research Project 1-3. HS animals are outbred from eight inbred rat strains and maintained in a manner that minimizes inbreeding, enabling the fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL). Dr. Solberg Woods’ laboratory has maintained the HS rat colony for the past seven years and hers is the only laboratory in the North America to house this unique resource. As part of the HS Breeding Core, the HS rat colony will become a national resource, with HS rats available to all investigators within the P50 as well as to investigators outside of the P50 on a cost-recovery basis. To request HS rats, please contact Scientific Coordinator ( You may also contact Dr. Palmer ( or Dr. Solberg Woods ( to discuss details of the project.

Genotype by Sequencing

The Chicago Core (Core C) uses genotyping by sequencing (GBS) for its genotyping needs in high-volume projects. In the future, the core may provide GBS services to outside investigators on a cost recovery basis. Because the analysis of GBS data requires large numbers of samples, such a service would only be appropriate for investigators who are interested in genotyping at least several hundred samples. Please contact Dr. Abraham Palmer ( or Oksana Polesskaya (