Core A: Administrative Core


The Administrative Core provides overall coordination, logistical support, and financial accounting for all cores and research projects. Among the tasks the Administrative Core will be responsible for are: coordination and communication with the Internal and External Advisory Boards, bookkeeping, accounting and grants management services; procurement of services, supplies, and equipment; coordination and assistance in preparing progress and fiscal reports; coordination of IACUC protocols and in shipments of rats to research projects 1-3; preservation and dissemination of data generated by the project; organization of events; design and maintenance of a website; providing an initial point of contact for outside researchers wishing to obtain HS rats or GBS services from the relevant cores; conflict resolution; and coordination of all training, mentoring and outreach activities. Education for the next generation of young scientists is a major priority of the proposed Center. Students will be trained in the art and science of interdisciplinary multicenter projects that are required to address our scientific questions. Students at both the high school and undergraduate level will be supported as part of this project. We will utilize existing programs designed to attract and train members of underrepresented minorities, persons from disadvantaged backgrounds and persons with disabilities. In addition, the Administrative Core will also be responsible for the career development of technicians, graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty involved in this project and will use individual development plans and research performance progress reports to achieve these goals. Finally, the Administrative Core will engage in public outreach programs that will draw on the diverse neighborhoods around the UCSD.