Data Sharing

C-GORD: The Center for GWAS in outbred rats database

The Center maintains database containing all phenotypical data collected by the Research Projects and and Ancillary collaborators, as well as RNAseq and genotype data. Data requests should be addressed to Dr. Palmer or Scientific Coordinator.

First version of shinyapp to access HS rats database hosted on the cloud

PalmerLab Github contains releases of genotyping bioinformatics pipelines and other related projects.

We are working with GeneNetwork 2 team in University  of Tennessee Health Science Center to make our data available through this resourse. GeneNetwork2 provides access to linked data sets and tools to study complex networks of genes, molecules, and higher order gene function and phenotypes.

We are working with  Dr. George to provide genotyping for the HS rats that underwent cocaine or oxicodone exposure protocols. The tissues from these animals were collected and preserved in tissue banks and available for researchers around the world to use in addiction studies: cocaine biobankoxycodone biobank.

Researchers interested in obtaining additional data from this Center should contact Dr. Palmer.

Updated 11/17/2021