Grants related to this Center

The Center for GWAS in outbred rats has established key core services (Admin Core, Breeding Core, Sequencing/GBS Core and Pilot Project Core) that have given rise to a rich research ecosystem.

By far the greatest source of support have been U01 grants that were in response to PAR-15-120 “Identification of Genetic and Genomic Variants by Next-Gen Sequencing in Non-human Animal Models (U01)”. These projects have used the Breeding Core to provide HS rats and the Sequencing/GBS Core to perform genotyping and have also tapped into the expertise developed by Research Project 4. All of these grants were fostered by preliminary data collected with the help of pilot project grants from Core D.

Additional grants from NIDA and NIAAA have used the HS breeding core.

Finally, several grants have now arisen from our ancillary phenotyping project, in which tissues from the dissected HS rats were shared with investigators whose primary interest was in physiological phenotypes.

Multiple other grants that fit one of these three profiles are currently under consideration.

 InvestigatorsGrant #Grant TitleFunded by
1 Olivier George, PhD
University of California - San Diego
Abraham Palmer, PhD
University of California - San Diego
U01DA043799Identification of Genetic Variants that Contribute to Compulsive Cocaine Intake in Rats
2 Olivier George, PhD
University of California - San Diego
U01DA044451Use of Next-Gen Sequencing to Identify Genetic Variants that Influence Compulsive Oxycodone Intake in Outbred Rats
3 Thomas Jhou, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
U01DA044468Genomic analysis of avoidance learning in addiction
4 Huda Akil, PhD
Jun Li , PhD
University of Michigan
U01DA043098Genetics of Novelty seeking and Propensity for Drug Abuse in Outbred Rats
5 Peter Kalivas, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
U01DA045300The Genetic Basis of Opioid Dependence Vulnerablility in a Rodent ModelNIDA/NIH
6Shelly Flagel, PhD
University of Michigan
R01DA038599Dynamic Control of Cue-Driven Behavior Via the Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus
7 Paul Meyer, PhD
University at Buffalo
Nicotine amplification of behavioral and neural responses to alcohol cuesNIAAA/NIH
8 Douglas Adams, PhD
University of Colorado
R01AR070879Identification of Genes Regulating Bone Matrix Composition and Quality
9 Leah Solberg-Woods, PhD
Wake Forest University
Kevin R. Regner, MD, MS, FASN
Medical College of Wisconsin

Genetic Mapping and Gene Identification in Acute Kidney Injury Using Outbred Rats
MCW, Advancing Healthier Wisconsin Endowment
10Abraham Palmer, PhD
University of California - San Diego
CMI Seed GrantGenetics of microbiome in HS ratsUCSD, Center for Microbiome Innovation
11Suzanne Mitchell, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University
U01DA046077Identification of Genetic Features of Delay Discounting Using a Heterogeneous Stock Rat ModelNIDA/NIH
12Shelly Flagel, PhD
University of Michigan
R21DA045146Identification of Neurochemical Antecedents and Consequences of Distinct Learning Processes Relevant to Addiction LiabilityNIDA/NIH
13Monika Jablonsky, PhD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
R01EY021200Genetic Modulators of GlaucomaNEI/NIH
14Francesca Telese, PhD
University of California - San Diego
15 Anne E. Kwitek, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin
Hans-Joachim Lehmler, PhD
The University of Iowa
Systems genetics of bisphenol F (BPF)-induced obesity and metabolic diseaseNIH/EHS
16 Leah Solberg-Woods, PhD
Wake Forest University
R01DK120667Systems genetics to identify neuronal genes for diet-induced obesityNIDDK/NIH
17Abraham Palmer, PhD
Melissa Gymrek, PhD
Jonathan Sebat, PhD
University of California - San Diego
Characterization of Tandem Repeat and Structural Variants Contributing to Addictive Behaviors in Mice and RatsNIDA/NIH
18Francesca Telese, PhD
University of California - San Diego
Decoding the grammar of transcriptional enhancers regulating different stages of opioid use disorderNIDA/NIH