C-GORD: The Center for GWAS in outbred rats database

C-GORD (The Center for GWAS in Outbred Rats Database) provides access to the data generated by the NIDA center for genetic studies of drug abuse in outbred rats (P50DA037844) and more than 10 additional research projects that use N/NIH heterogeneous stock (HS) outbred rats and Center’s core services that support genotyping and analysis.
C-GORD’s goal is to align data generated in HS rats with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperative, Reusable) data management principles.
Several types of data are available for HS rats: multiple behavior phenotypes, most of them related to drug addiction behaviors, multiple physiological phenotypes, genotypes, gene expression, microbiome and metabolomics.

C-GORD provides structured access to the data associated with the research papers produced by research projects that use HS rats.


*** currently under maintenance all identifiers and protocols will be listed here.