Ancillary Phenotyping

We plan to behaviorally phenotype and genotype 4,800 rats over the next four years. After behavioral phenotyping we will sacrificed each rat and perform an abbreviated necropsy. At this time we will collect tissue samples that will be sent to collaborating labs for ancillary phenotype. Please contact us to request tissue samples. We may also be able to add additional phenotyping prior to sacrifice on a fee-for-service basis. We will perform genome wide association analyses for these ancilary phenotypes on a collaborative basis.

We currently have ancillary phenotyping collaborators in US and Europe:

Arimantas Lionikas University of Aberdeen, UKhind limb
Monica JablonskiUniversity of Tennessee, USeyes
Chris Vulpe University of Florida, USliver, serum
Diethard TautzMax Planck Institute, Germanyheads
Cheryl Ackert-Bicknell
Douglas Adams
University of Rochester, US
University of Colorado, US
Leah Solberg-WoodsWake Forest University, USserum, fat, liver, muscle, kidney
John CryanUniversity College Cork, Irelandcecum, fecal material
Matthew DeanUniversity of South California, USbaculum
Amelie BaudCentre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain microbiome, cagemates info, genotypes
Mohit JainUniversity of California San Diego, USserum, brain
Rob KnightUniversity of California San Diego, UScecum
Francesca TeleseUniversity of California San Diego, USbrain (epigenome)
Michael R. GarrettUniversity of Mississippi Medical Centerkidney
Derek DanielsUniversity at Buffalofeeding behaviors
Joe NadeauPacific Northwest Research Institutephenotypic data
Ryan LoganBoston University School of MedicineRNAseq in brain regions (NAc Core, NAc Shell, PFC, and SCN) of male and female rats from Dr. Olivier George's oxycodon U01DA044451: Naive, Intox, Withdrawal, and Abstinence groups

Tissue harvest protocol

For more information, please contact [email protected].