• 2016 Pilot Grants awarded

Congratulations to the 2016 Pilot Grants recipients:

Pilot studies in drug abuse research awards:

  1. Hao Chen (University of Tennessee Health Science Center) and Aaron Geurts (Medical College of Wisconsin). “Transgenic CRISPR/Cas9 rats for in vivo genome editing”.
  2. Mark Mayford (University of California, San Diego). “Whole Brain Activity Mapping in the Rat”.
  3. Jonathan Morrow, University of Michigan. “Measurement of Pavlovian Conditioned Approach in Human”.
  4. Andre Der-Avakian (University of California, San Diego). “Susceptibility and Resilience to Stress-induced Disruption of Brain Reward Function and Effects of Drugs of Abuse in Heterogeneous Stock Rats”.

Pilot studies using HS outbred rats awards:

  1. Rachel Poole, Michael Tordoff, and Alexander Bachmanov (Monell Chemical Sense Center). “Identification of genes associated with oral self-administration of psychoactive/addictive substances”.
  2. Jerry Richards (Research Institute on Addictions). “Effect of enrichment/deprivation on drug abuse related endophenotypes”.
  3. Oliver George (Scripps Research Institute), “Identification of genetic variants in an animal model of cocaine addiction”.
  4. Suzanne Mitchell (Oregon Health & Science University), “Within subject comparison of impulsivity assessments in HS rats”.
  5. Yavin Shaham (NIDA/NIH), “Incubation of drug craving in HS rats”.