• 2022 pilot grants awarded

Congratulations to the 2022 Pilot Grants recipients:

Philip Boone, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital).
Project: “Generating a rat model of Cadm2 intronic recursive splice site deletion”.

Brittany Kuhn, PhD (Medical University of South Carolina).
Project: “NAcc D1/D2-MSN functional plasticity and morphology in heroin vulnerable and resilient rats”.

Marsida Kallupi, PhD (University of California – San Diego).
Project: “Characterization of addiction-like behaviors and GABAergic activity in the in HS rats with predicted phenotypes on cocaine dependence”.

Hao Chen, PhD (University of Tennesee Health Science Center).
Project: “Expression of candidate genes in rat brains with predicted vulnerability to nicotine after the completion of nicotine self-administration”.

Matt Lattal, PhD (Oregon Health & Science University).
Project: “Behavioral characterization of HS rats in a model of the comorbidity between PTSD and substance use disorder”.

Sade Spencer, PhD (University of Minnesota).
Project: “Establishing proof of principle data for the usefulness of the N:NIH-HS heterogeneous stock rats to study cannabinoid-related traits”.