Rat GWAS Centers Retreat

Retreat Agenda

Quadrangle Club; 1155 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637; September 17, 2014

8:30 Welcome Abraham Palmer
Session 1: ongoing work: the purpose of the morning session is to give your colleagues a flavor for the kind of work you’ve done in the past and your broader interests. Just pick one story: in progress or published.
8:40 Prior education and outreach activities at UofC (Conte/IGSB) Barry Aprison
9:00 A QTL for agenesis of corpus callosum in BTBR mice Gerald Bothe
9:20 History and my prior application of N/NIH HS Rats Leah Solberg Woods
9:40 GWAS w GBS and eQTL in mice Abraham Palmer
10:00 Break (Coffee)
10:20 Individual variation in attributing incentive salience to reward cues: a few new developments Terry Robinson
10:40 Investigating the neural circuitry underlying sign- and goal-tracking behaviors Shelly Flagel
11:00 Social Nicotine past work Hao Chen
11:20 Cue directed behaviors – nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine Paul Meyer
11:40 TBD Joe Lucke
12:00 Lunch
Session 2: P50 related work: here we will just describe each part of the grant to the colleagues. Provides an opportunity to refresh everyone memory, identify possible improvement. Talk can be very pragmatic; we are not trying to impress anyone, so ok to describe problems or ways that you will deviate from what you wrote.
1:00 Core A: Admin Core Gerald Bothe & Barry Aprison
1:20 Core B: Breeding the NNIH heterogeneous Stock Leah Solberg Woods
1:40 Core C: Genotyping (technology, organization, this grant) Abraham Palmer and Hao Chen
2:00 Core D: Pilot Projects Gerald Bothe & Abraham Palmer
2:20 Break (Coffee)
2:40 Project 1: Incentive Salience Terry Robinson & Shelly Flagel
3:00 Project 2: Nicotine Self-Administration Hao Chen
3:20 Project 3: Behavioral regulation Paul Meyer
3:40 Project 4: Analysis Abraham Palmer
4:00-6 Rat training for techs/students/postdocs
4:00-6 General discussion and question/answers for center PIs
6:00 Reception/dinks at the QuadClub bar
7:00 Dinner for those not driving home tonight

For questions related to this event please contact Gerald Bothe (gbothe@uchicago.edu)