How to ship samples to Core C

  • Send spleens in the cardboard box (not plastic, they can break during shipping) labeled with the Project, type of tissue, box number, and the date (e.g. JHOU_HS rats-Spleen_Box02_25Feb2019).
  • Use secondary container (plastic bag or just wrap with paper) in case box is broken during shipment.
  • Use at least 10 kg (20 lb) dry ice for shipping. If you have choice, use pellets. If you use slabs, make sure that there is no free space in the shipping box, so slabs cannot move freely and crash things.
  • Use Styrofoam box that is surrounded by a cardboard box. Choose boxes with thick walls. For example, ULINE S-13392 or ULINE S-11357.
  • Send by FedEx overnight on Monday or Tuesday, check for holidays. It is best if you send me an email beforehand confirming that I am ready to receive (or that I can arrange receiving if I am out of the office). When shipping, include my email in the FedEx notification field ([email protected]).
  • Send list of samples that you are shipping (RFIDs), we will use it to update the database.
  • Address:
    Palmer Lab
    Attn: Oksana Polesskaya
    Bio Med Res Fac 2 (BRF2); Rm 3217-FF
    7835 Trade St. Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92121